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Low height Abri Design Covers enclosure are discreet. These swimming pool covers are perfect to protect your pool against leafes, insect, children drawning and it can heat your swimming pool, all this  without being a big yard structure. We have many models of low enclosures to suit your need. These model are perfect for people that are next to a lake for example or that don't want to see the enclosure in their yard.

Medium height swimming pool covers which Abri Design Cover offers are the perfect combination between a low and high enclosure. Because of it's form, this enclosure offers you the opportunity to swim under it rain or shine. You can extend your swimming season by many months, get protected of UV rays when swimming under the structure, heat your pool and create a physical protection against leaves, insect and small animals.

High height swimming pool enclosures made in Canada from Abri Design Cover are built for people that want to use their pool and also the space around the pool. With a full size enclosure with height that can go up to 12 feet, you can play inside your swimming pool cover. Normally people will take the enclosure bigger so they can set up a table and chairs inside their new space. This type of enclosure is like a indoor pool that you can use outdoot when you retract it. We also have a FIX enclosure that can be install, the FIX enclosure is called the CANADA and it can be built in very big size.

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